Simon Brunel

Simon Brunel @ Manuel Miethe

Simon Brunel was born in Boulogne sur mer in 1982.
After graduating in architecture from ENSAPL in Lille (France) in 2007, Simon spent a year at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) as a visiting student in the Visual Anthropology seminar. He is one of the two founding members of Atelier Limo.
Besides writing and directing documentary films, Simon has produced and managed numerous international projects, of which The Detour, which took place in Finland, Russia and Estonia, and the travelling event Border Speaking, which crossed Europe from the Baltic to the Adriatic, are just two examples. He is interested in the interplay between research, communication and documentary filmmaking, and has been an associate member of the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin since 2017.

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Simon Brunel, Nicolas Pannetier

The Return of Frontiers